Best Impetigo Home Remedies

Impetigo is usually caused by staphylococcal and Streptococcus bacteria, impetigo skin damage that leads to itching is known as superficial infection most common especially in children among two and six years, this disease can be cured by prescription drugs, there are several natural impetigo home remedies that are just very effective.

District Steps
First impetigo home remedies – Wash and scrub open impetigo lesions with gauze and medical antiseptic soap to break the pustules. Soak the crusts in warm water and rub gently. Keep the patient towel separate to avoid spreading the disease. If possible, use paper towels. Try to keep impetigo lesions covered with gauze and tape to protect against further infection.

Garlic and Turnip Flavorer
Second impetigo home remedies – Crush a few cloves of garlic and apply the paste directly on the affected areas. This will help to provide relief from itching. If children has nothing against or if the sufferer is a quite grown up then try to chew two cloves of garlic. Eat rice, vinegar-soaked pieces of turnip slices or water are also effective home remedies.

Rosemary and Tea Tree Oil
Third impetigo home remedies – Try a daily bath with a few drops of tea tree oil in water, followed by a light massage with calamine lotion. In addition, simmer 1/4 cup each of rosemary leaves and thyme with 2 cups of water for 15 minutes. Cool and filter the mixture to use as a cleaning solution from the affected skin. Mix on low heat and fresh every day, and the use of cotton rubbing injuries. After each treatment, discard the cotton blend.

Apple Intoxicant Vinegar and Aloe Vera
Fourth impetigo home remedies – Rub aloe-Vera gel directly on impetigo affected area at least four times a day. Also try 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar mixed in 1 cup of water to clean wounds.

Generalized Measures
Last impetigo home remedies – Garlic, olive oil and grapefruit seed extract which are affective cleaners for impetigo in the affected areas. Try to take a bath every four hours when mixed with water 3:01 with hydrogen peroxide. This helps clean the wound, and to provide relief from itching. Another option is a diet of fruit only for the first four days after the well-balanced diet including all food groups.

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