Bullous Impetigo – Info, Symptoms & Treatment

bullous impetigoBullous Impetigo is one of the more common types of Impetigo in children. It usually occurs in children aged two and below. Impetigo, in general, comprises of different types of skin disease that are caused by bacterial infections. Its main difference from the other types of this disease is that Bullous Impetigo is caused by Staphylococcus aureus or Staph bacteria, while Impetigo in general is caused by either the Staph bacteria or Strep bacteria (Streptococcus). The disease can cause major discomfort especially when the blisters start to itch and even worse rupture and turn into sores.

When someone is infected with Bullous Impetigo, the Staph bacteria cause the connective tissue between the upper layer (epidermis) and the lower layer (dermis) of the skin to break. This causes the formation of blisters. It can spread to practically any part of the body. For children though, it is most likely to spread in the face, underarms or in the buttock area. Luckily, Bullous Impetigo is not a fatal disease in children. But it is not something that anyone should dismiss or ignore, because if untreated, the infection could lead to more serious conditions, such as kidney problems and other complications.

Nowadays, there are many ways to treat Bullous Impetigo. One can easily purchase creams, antibiotics, lotions, or ointments to help in preventing further spread of the Staph bacteria. While it is true that these home remedies can help cure one’s condition, there are safer and far more effective measures on how to treat this disease. The first is by strengthening one’s immune system. Our body is built to combat certain bacterial and viral invasions; and Bullous Impetigo is not an exemption. By strengthening the immune system, we are able to maximize our body’s natural ability to fight diseases and infections.  If one’s immune system is strong, the body can also combat any complications arising from the disease.

Another natural way of fighting Bullous Impetigo is by addressing itchiness and discomfort. Anyone who has experienced having allergies or any skin infection can testify that the itchiness is very hard to bear. If one gives in to the temptation of scratching the blisters, this will only speed up the spread of the bacteria to other parts of the body. This can also aggravate the blisters and cause them to rupture and become more prone to further infections. A lot of natural home remedies are available and can help eliminate the itchiness and discomfort caused by Bullous Impetigo. An example is mixing tea tree oil in bathing water. Doing this calms the body, and causes the blisters to become less active.

There are other natural ways to treat and prevent Bullous Impetigo. By being aware and practicing natural home remedies against this disease, we are not only assured that the infection will be treated soon. We are also able to ensure that Bullous Impetigo will not spread to other members of the family and make their lives unbearable and uncomfortable. We can even prevent contracting the disease by always making sure that our surroundings our clear and we give a high regard for proper hygiene.

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