Cure Impetigo In Adults

impetigo in adultsHaving skin infection is a headache for most working adults. Aside from affecting their efficiency and effectiveness in their respective jobs, it can also lower down their self-esteem. Impetigo is one of the skin infections common in Anglo-Saxon countries such as Canada, America and other parts of Europe.

Impetigo is commonly seen in children since they have weak immune system and they love playing outdoors. However, there are also cases of Impetigo in adults. Impetigo in adults is cause by the same bacteria found in children: staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus pyogenes. Adults usually acquire this by skin damages or allergies such as dermatitis, wounds or scars.

Impetigo in adults can also be acquired by direct contact with the personal things of the person previously infected by Impetigo. Impetigo is highly contagious so one should take serious precautions about it. Impetigo can be avoided by proper hygiene and sanitation. The bacteria thrive in moist, hot, populous places such as military barracks, markets, and schools so people should observe cleanliness. At the onset of the wound, scar or mosquito bites, the person should also treat the open wound with gauze and tape so the bacteria cannot thrive in the skin. These bacteria are harmless to the skin until the skin is damaged.

The unfortunate news is, upon infection, the person can just feel the symptoms of Impetigo four to ten days after initial exposure to bacteria. And since the person doesn’t know that he is infected by Impetigo, the infection can only be cured if the blisters are now visible on the human skin.

Fortunately, on the other hand, there is a treatment for Impetigo in adults aside from antibiotics. Antibiotics may be good for curing Impetigo in adults but it can also weaken the immune system of the individual in the process. There are natural remedies discovered to cure Impetigo in adults.

One of the cures for Impetigo in adults is olive oil. Olive Oil is a mild antiseptic for skin used even in the ancient times to reduce the possibility of infection. Another natural cure for Impetigo in adults is the Tea Tree Oil, which is an effective treatment against staphylococcus bug and offers protection to the skin too. Last effective cure for Impetigo is Zinc. Zinc is a mineral, which plays a big role in improving one’s immune system to fight infections and diseases.

Impetigo is serious and curing it should also be as serious – natural, effective with no side effects.

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    I have an Impetigo. I am confuse if where I got these illness. My family don’t have this. I didn’t remember I did mingle with those people with Impetigo. Where does I possibly got this?