Impetigo Rash Treatment

impetigo rashOur skin is the protective layer of our bodies. If the skin is damaged, bacteria and fungi can easily enter into our system thus, enabling sicknesses, diseases and infections. Skin infection not only gives an ugly sight due to the red blisters with pus leaking from it, but also makes the people infected uncomfortable due to the itchy feeling.

Impetigo is caused by the bacteria staphylococcus aureus and/or streptococcus pyogenes. These bacteria occur in hot, humid places. They thrive in damaged skin caused by untreated wounds, scars, allergies and mosquito bites. Children are usually infected by this infection because of their weak immune system and their activities outdoors. This infection results to Impetigo rash.

The itching cause by Impetigo is easier to heal than the Impetigo rash. Natural detoxifiers such as garlic can easily relieve itching. The most difficult about this infection is the Impetigo rash. The Impetigo rash is blister-like, reddish with pus or thinner fluid colored white or cloudy leaking from the blister. The Impetigo rash is usually painful, itchy, and irritating to the person having it. If left untreated, the Impetigo rash may grow bigger and may spread throughout the body. In the course of 4 to 6 days, the Impetigo rash will begin to form “honey-colored crust” or a “thick tan”. The Impetigo rash usually affects the skin areas that are not covered by clothing— especially the face and the arms.

Though the Impetigo rash cannot be healed in an instant, there are remedies that can be done without spending lots of money. These are the treatment that can be done at home. First of all, clean the sores or wounds with mild soap and water. Avoid scratching it since Impetigo rash is highly contagious and may easily spread throughout the body. If the sores are in the places where the person shaves, like legs or face, shave around the sores so that the infection won’t infect other parts. It is also advisable to make the person’s nails shorter because bugs may creep inside the nail and may cause further infection. Next, consider applying natural treatments like Echinacea and Goldenseal to the rashes. A combination of these two herbs can help dry up sores and heal the sores speedily. Tea tree oil can also kill the bug that causes infection.

To immediately cure this Impetigo rash, always keep proper hygiene and observe proper diet. Always wash the clothing used and quarantine oneself to other people so that they would not be infected by one’s infection.

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