Pictures Of Impetigo In Children And Adults

View these various pictures of Impetigo in children and adults to compare your condition.

Impetigo appears as a itchy, uncomfortable rash on various parts of the body.  It can appear on the face, arms, legs, back, and even buttocks.  It goes through different stages, and can potentially leave marks or scars if left untreated.

Some of these pictures of Impetigo are more severe than others.

If left untreated, this is what can happen if your Impetigo doesn’t cure properly.  You want to make sure you take the necessary actions to cure Impetigo quickly if you are suffering from Impetigo.

pictures of impetigo face








impetigo in children









picture impetigo








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pic of impetigo









picture of impetigo








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pictures of impetigo







pics of impetigo










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Impetigo is very contagious, which means that you will want to avoid being on contact with others as the bacteria can easily be spread.

Where the rash and blisters appear usually depends on where you came in contact with the bacteria.  For example, if you have an insect bite, wound or cut on a specific region of the body, the bacteria can enter there and a rash can form.

In these pictures of Impetigo, you can see that the condition starts as fluid-filled blisters and then eventually turn into scabs.

You want to avoid scratching or irritating the blisters in any way, as this can leave for scarring.  For Impetigo in children, you want to monitor them and make sure that they don’t touch the blisters or sores.  You also want to make sure that the infection is as clean as possible.

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