The Best Home Treatment Impetigo That Works

What Is Impetigo?

Impetigo is a skin infection caused due to bacteria that can be present anywhere, but more often around the nose, mouth and on the arms and buttocks. Scratching the rash spreads. Impetigo may or may not itch. Mild impetigo is often caused by staphylococcus or streptococcus. It occurs when the skin is irritated and raw scratching, excessive salivation or runny nose. The bacteria can invade any area where it breaks the top layer of skin protection for an injury or irritation. Picking skin around the nose or select a button is an invitation for bacteria to enter and establish infection.

Is Impetigo Contagious ?

Impetigo is not as contagious as it has sometimes made out to be. If your child is a sufferer of impetigo, then do not treat him/her like a leper. It can be transmitted by contact of eruptions, so it is important to tell your child not to touch the rash. Although it is common to find multiple family members suffering at a same time, it is rarely necessary to follow Home Treatment Impetigo And keep the child with an absent from the school.

What Does Impetigo Look Like ?

It begins as small red spots, which become blisters that rupture and produce oozing, sticky honey-colored crust on the surface. The spots seem to round and can be as small as a coin or equal to one quarter. Impetigo is most common around the entrance of the nose where the skin around the nostrils are, raw and red with a yellow shell.

How Do I Prevent Impetigo From Happening Again ?

First Home Treatment Impetigo

Heal sore patches around the mouth – If your child receives raw patches, irritation around the mouth, apply Vaseline or Lansinoh to heal.

Second Home Treatment Impetigo

Treat nose during a cold sore – Apply petroleum jelly or Lansinoh for sore, cracked skin around the nose during a cold.

Third Home Treatment Impetigo

Prevent chapped lips – If your child is prone to dry, chapped lips, so always use lip therapy petroleum jelly or Lansinoh on the lip.

When Should You Call The Doctor ?

More severe infection If redness and drainage continue to worsen, despite all the above treatments, or your child develops a fever or red streaks extending from the area, you should see a doctor. If it is a matter of hours, please make a call to the doctor. Your child may need oral antibiotics to help fight infections.

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